Small business 5-10 page website package

This package not only facilitates a deeper connection with your audience through diversified content but also significantly enhances your SEO strategy. More pages mean more opportunities for content optimization and keyword targeting, driving higher search engine rankings and increasing organic traffic. It’s a strategic investment that leverages content depth to build authority and credibility online.


Moreover, the $420 monthly investment includes comprehensive ongoing support, ensuring the website remains cutting-edge, secure, and aligned with the latest web standards. This ongoing relationship means your website can evolve with technological advancements and user expectations, keeping you ahead of competitors. For established businesses aiming to capitalize on growth and expand their market reach, this package offers a dynamic and scalable web solution that grows with your business, backed by continuous professional support to ensure your digital presence is not just maintained but thrives.

Perfect for small businesses offering more services

Web design services offered for your small business

The 5-10 page website package, priced at $420 per month, is meticulously designed for established businesses experiencing growth and looking to expand their digital footprint. This package provides a robust platform to comprehensively showcase the full spectrum of your business’s offerings, values, and unique selling propositions. With the capability to include up to ten pages, businesses have the flexibility to feature extensive product catalogs, detailed service descriptions, customer testimonials, a blog for thought leadership, and even a resource section for guides or case studies. This breadth allows for a rich, engaging user experience that can cater to diverse customer needs and interests, positioning your business as a leader in your industry.

What's included:

  • Custom design
  • Website hosting
  • Seacoast Web Development Care Plan
  • On page SEO optimized content
  • Responsive design
  • High performance & speed
  • Unlimited updates
  • Weekly backups
  • Enhanced security
  • Domain name
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