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ICGE Business Consultants is British Columbia, Canada based consulting firm. ICGE specializes in capacity development for universities, colleges, First Nations and professional organizations by identifying opportunities, solving problems and finding new and better ways of accomplishing goals. Our consultants have worked for and with research-intensive, research-informed and teaching-intensive institutions. We have experienced university and college […]

Page load speed

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Is page load speed important? Yes and no. When developing websites, Seacoast Web Development takes into account page load speed. I use several tools to check page load including GT Metrix, Pingdom, and Google Speed Insights. Using these tools, I am able to test the entire website’s page load speed. The goal is to achieve […]

What is a static website?

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A statice website is a website that is coded in HTML5 and CSS3. It does not involve a connection to a database using a language such as PHP to serve its content. Websites that require a connection to a database in order to all up content are know as dynamic websites.

Why WordPress is the best CMS and why Seacoast Web Development uses it?

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Seacoast Web Development uses WordPress for nearly all sites developed. For nearly two decades, WordPress has grown to become one of the premiere content management systems. In 2020, statistics show that the WordPress market share is 35% of all websites in the world! WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform but grew into one […]