My goal is to build relationships with small businesses and create their online presence and grow their business. It's a partnership.

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Seacoast Web Development wants to help you empower your vision and ignite your business's growth. The goal is, together, we create a website that does more than exist---it thrives!

How I can help your small business

First and foremost, like you, I am a small business owner. I know what it is like to be on a tight budget, struggle to build a customer base, and to grow your business into a successful enterprise. 

Your website is an online representation of your brand. It provides customers the opportunity to interact with you and learn about your services. Having clear messaging and navigation is critical to a good user experience(UX). The objective is to build you a website that draws traffic to your business and delivers a return on your investment. 

I build visually appealing, functional websites that are SEO optimized to capture organic traffic. After learning your business goals, I incorporate clear and compelling ‘Calls to Action’ to help convert visitors to customers. Engagement leads to customers.


The vision of Seacoast Web Development is to build lasting relationships with small business owners and help grow their business.

Why the Phoenix Logo?

Well, I like the use of negative space in the logo and the brilliant colors. I also like what it represents. To me, the mythical Phoenix is a beautiful creature that is a symbol of renewal and perseverance. In your business, there will be setbacks. Keeping moving forward.